Tokenomics: Governing The Flow of Money

Plutus governs the creation and flow of value on the Quai Network.

Quai employs immensly powerful tokenomics that encourse users, miners, and developers to use the Quai Network. As miners secure parts of the network, they will mine what is called a "slice". A slice of the Quai Network pertains to validating the Prime blockchain, a single Region blockchain, and a single Zone blockchain that comes from the mined Region blockchain. Each of these blockchains releases $QUAI as reward proportionally to the overall security of the network.
Users will be able to choose which blockchain they interact in based off a security and speed trade-off. Interacting in Prime will be the closest to interacting with Bitcoin and Ethereum as we know it and will provide similar security. Interacting in a Zone will provide immensly faster finality times at the cost of potentially lesser hashrate securing the chain.